Justine Broughal

Lover of bursting charcuterie boards, colorful textured floral arrangements, and giant balloons, I have been planning and designing events since 2009.

I am passionate about creating incredible events with gorgeous details that foster opportunities for inclusion and connection.

Beginning my event design career in nonprofit spaces, I am passionate about incorporating social justice into my work. Not only do we donate 10% of our sales to community organizations which work to end violence against women, we work with our clients to help make sure that your wedding or event reflects your values. 


Jamie Carle

Sassy wedding photographer. Anti-fascist, pro-humanity.
Fat-positive, queer, and gender non-binary. I have a special fondness for LGBTQIA+ weddings and ceremonies and I love to share anything I can to help revolutionize the industry into inclusion. I love writing about my life and experiences.

I also own and operate Modern Merge, a full service wedding business aimed to give queer and feminist couples more options and make fun and alternative weddings more accessible.

I firmly believe in resting the mind, good drinks, good friends, and standing up.




Kelcey Olson

Kelcey is the owner of Kelcey Olson Photography and based in Portland, Oregon. She started taking photos nearly a decade ago and decided to follow the path of portrait and wedding photography.

Using her business as a way to lift up others and support those that most need it is one of her many passions. Supporting your community with enthusiasm and love was a lesson taught to her over and over again.

Most importantly she believes that being unique is the greatest strength a person can possess.


Jen Siomacco

Never in a million years did I think I would end up as the leader of a wedding publication. I spent close to ten years working in a corporate setting as a web designer focused on customer experience. I had strong political believes and was an avid supporter of feminism, but I never thought that I could build a career around these values. That's when Carly and Liz asked me to help them develop the Catalyst brand and lay out the first issue of our print magazine. At first, it was a side project, something I would do in the evenings and on weekends, but quickly it turned into a passion.

For the last three years, I have been proud to work with and support Liz and Carly in the development of this company, and now as they have both moved out of day-to-day operations, I am happy to step in as the CEO of Catalyst. May everyone's love story be heard and valued, and may we all work together to change this industry for the better.